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Select Publications:

“Computation as Context: New Approaches to the Close/Distant Reading Debate.” College Literature, winter 2022.

“Making Feminist Games in the Gender Studies and Literature Classroom.” Teaching Games and Game Studies in the Literature Classroom, ed. Tison Pugh and Lynn Ramey. London: Bloomsbury, November 2022.


“Interactive Fiction in the Humanities Classroom: How to Create Interactive Text Games Using Twine.” The Programming Historian, December 2021.


“From a distance ‘you might mistake her for a man’: A Closer Reading of Gender and Character Action in Jane Eyre, The Law and the Lady, and A Brilliant Woman.” DSH: Digital Scholarship in the Humanities, May 2018. Primary author. With Peter Capuano, Julius Fredrick, and Matthew Jockers.


“Understanding Gender and Character Agency in the 19th Century Novel.” The Journal of Cultural Analytics, Genre Cluster, 2016. With Matthew Jockers.

Select Courses Taught: 

WashU, 20th Century Seminar: Critical Making, LIT 523 

WashU, Predicting a Bestseller, LIT 420

WashU, Programming for Text Analysis, IPH 432

WashU, Intro to Digital Humanities, IPH 3123

TCU, Archival Scholarship, ENG 60133 

TCU, U.S. Women’s Writing II, ENG 40563

TCU, Writing Games, Gender and Sexuality in Video Games, ENG 20303

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